Immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga and live an integrated life straight from the source of yoga.

As Corrin travels from Rishikesh, India, where she spends most of her time teaching and studying at a Yoga Academy, she carries the high vibration of this medicinal practice and wisdom with her to all parts of the world with the intention of spreading light and bringing people back home to their true Self.

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Corrin has returned to India for four months to teach the 200 Hour, 300 Hour, and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at Sattva Yoga Academy and serve as part of the manifestation team for the Sattva Summit… She looks forward to returning to Maui in January 2020 to teach again!  Check out her upcoming workshops & retreats!

Sattva Yoga is an integrated approach of yoga inclusive of the teachings of the Yog Vedantic Himalayan Tantric Tradition.  It includes practices of meditation, pranayama, Hatha, Kriya, Kundalini, freedom movement, and partner work.  The practice is a balance of technique infused with wisdom.  No previous experience necessary.  This is not of any religious quality, but it is a sacred science of tools and technology for growth and evolution.  Each studio setting will have a different quality of the practice infused based on the title.

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Rishikesh, India  –  September/October & November/December

Yoga Teacher Trainings at Sattva Yoga Academy are a unique experience in that the students are taught an integrated approach to yoga that helps them master the yogic teachings in their own life in order to be able to share and guide from experience and embodiment of yoga.  Sattva Yoga is then brought by these new teachers to various environments around the world, from high school classrooms to hospital settings, corporate environments, and global yoga gatherings and festivals.

Sattva Summit 2019

Rishikesh, India at Sattva Retreat | November 7-13th, 2019

The Summit is a week long evolutionary conscious gathering in the birthplace of yoga. It is not a festival, it is an experience that will uplift your life. This is a gathering for deep transformation through daily group meditations, rituals, integrated yoga practices from global masters, ancient yogic wisdom, and yogic living workshops. Corrin will be sharing her wisdom and grace through these workshops and classes.


Maui, HI, USA  –  August 9-15, 2020

This annual retreat is to begin or to continue to live an integrated lifestyle.  It is a One Root Seven Branches Deep Immersion in yogic living.  This means, we will dive into the seven branches and explore each one in its relevancy to our own life.  The seven branches include: Medicine, Touch, Practice, Love, Presence, Meditation, and Ritual.  Let us explore these aspects of our life and learn how to find more balance and harmony in each one.  With this being an immersion, we will practice sacred ritual, meditation, Sattva Yoga Journeys, and intentional excursions to sacred destinations on this beautiful and lush tropical island of Maui.  Mama Maui is a deeply spiritual island where heart and root are combined to experience immense balance rooted in love.  This is open to all levels of practitioners from never trying yoga or meditation to relatively immersed in the lifestyle.  Let’s play, integrate, and live an expansive life beyond the mind!

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Corrin Vecchitto

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher, Healer, Open Channel and Visionary Supporting One Root Seven Branches

Corrin has the Western allopathic medical background from working at the hospital bedside as a nurse for 8 years and studying and working in the field of medicine for 12 years. This is why it is an integrated approach, combining aspects of Western Allopathic Medicine and Eastern Wisdom and Practices.

Corrin lives by these words, “Whatever I do, I do it fully. I immerse myself in knowing everything about that specific lifestyle and practice. I live what I teach!”