Mount Shasta Retreat

The Spirit is Always Dancing Retreat

September 2-6, 2019    |    Weed, California, US

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Includes Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan, Freedom Movement, Wisdom Sessions, Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Catered Meals, Visits to Soak in Healing Mineral Waters, Hiking in Nature

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Join for this Sacred Healing and Rejuvenating Gathering to Merge Our Outer and Inner Worlds at Mt. Shasta!

This retreat is going to be a powerful experience of devotional Ritual, Mantra, Kirtan, Meditation, Sattva Yoga, Freedom Movement, and calling in the nourishment of the volcanic mountain to invoke Abundance and Sri Value in ones life.  We will be nestled in a magical healing retreat center in Northern California near the beautiful and majestic, Mount Shasta.  This special occasion will be co-lead by Corrin Vecchitto, a Master Lead Teacher of Sattva Yoga Academy and Janaki Rossell, a Sattva Yoga Teacher, Kirtan Wala, and Masterful Mama!  We look forward to gathering together and dancing the way spirit wants us to, invoking our freedom, abundance, and greatest joy along the way.  These two goddess are full of fire and shakti and are ready to help you ignite that flame which lies within you, already awaiting you, to manifest and share the gifts that want to be shared through you in this lifetime.

This sacred gathering and destination was specifically chosen because it holds a special energy and an access point to “All That Is” in connection with your higher Self. It is a place where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support.  It delivers the realization and frequency of oneness and your connection to everything.

It is often associated with the “The Violet Flame” or Saint Germain, the purifying violet energy which transmutes denser energies and reignites the flame of your divine purpose. The symbol and energy are also represented in Shasta’s energy of being the meeting place of the “high council,” the place where humans step into their roles as higher Self.

Let’s gather and support one another in stepping into our divine purpose!

Enjoy 4 Nights, and 4 Days at Hestia Magic Retreat Center in Mount Shasta

This retreat center is a healing sanctuary surrounded by a flowing creek, labyrinth, healing meditation garden, and 10 acres of enchanted forest.  Hestia is a peaceful gathering place to relax, connect, and soak in the serenity of nature.  The location is just a 15-minute walk to the healing baths of Stewart Mineral Springs with breathtaking views of Mount Shasta, a majestic volcano known for its powerful healing potential.  This location is just 4-5 hours from Portland, Oregon and San Francisco Bay Area.  This location will allow you to sink into nature and return to your own natural state of being, free from the everyday stressors and fast pace.

This a gift of pausing in nature and resetting through rejuvenating practices and wisdom with the support of a bright community to let your natural gifts emerge to the surface.  Let’s make this life an epic dance!

Retreat Highlights

This experience will include but is not limited to:

  • Guided Yoga Practice daily
  • Sattva Meditation Initiation if new to Sattva Yoga ($333.33 investment on its own)
  • Wisdom Talks from the Vedantic & Tantric Himalayan Yogic Teachings made for the Modern Day Lifestyle
  • Organic catered vegan and vegetarian meals for nourishment of the body
  • Daily Sacred Rituals + Kirtan (chanting mantras)
  • Plus daily nature walks, hikes, ceremonies and practices at sacred sites, dipping in healing mineral waters
  • Time with elevated community to activate our creativity, inspiration, and flow states

Tentative Schedule

This will vary slightly day to day, but this is the approximate daily rhythm:

  • 6:45 Puja (optional)
  • 7:15 Meditation
  • 7:45 Tea & Coffee & snack
  • 8:15 Yoga Journey
  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:30 Dharma Talk or Excursion & Talk in Different Location
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Free Time or Excursion
  • 18:00 Gentle Practice/Meditation/Kirtan
  • 19:15 Dinner
  • 20:30 Evening Gathering/Circle

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Includes Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan, Freedom Movement, Wisdom Sessions, Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Catered Meals, Visits to Soak in Healing Mineral Waters, Hiking in Nature

Only $1,222.22

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Your Yogic Leaders

This gathering will be lead by Corrin Vecchitto & Janaki Rossell

Corrin is a lead master Sattva Yoga Academy teacher and trainer 500hr ++, healer, pediatric nurse and the founder of One Root Seven Branches, an integrated approach to healing. Corrin grew up in the US, but has been a global citizen for most of her life. She has a deeply compassionate heart and a longing to heal others. This fierce presence of love within her took her on a journey of serving as a pediatric nurse for eight years at Children’s Hospitals in the States and, traveling throughout Africa and Nepal healing humans in small rural villages, before transitioning to a life of yogic living and healing. She went on a wild ride of her own health which lead her to study and teach the Vedantic and Tantric Himalayan Tradition of Sattva Yoga in India with Anand Mehrotra, world-renowned Master and founder of Sattva Yoga. Her life transformed rapidly as she integrated the wisdom that she longed for, through this incredibly balanced practice. She has been living in Rishikesh, India, the birthplaces of yoga, the last three years teaching at teacher trainings, retreats, and courses. Corrin is now in Maui part-time to share this sacred science. Teaching this technology of yoga as a healing and awakening remedy is the force that flows through Corrin with deep passion!

Corrin’s yogic experiences promote expansion, healing, transcendence, and guide practitioners to come closer to the truth of who they are. She is a warrior of wisdom, light and joy! Corrin lives to grow, testing her limits and fears, finding the laughter in it all, smiling endlessly as she explores the depths of the world and all the magic that this life has to offer. This approach to life radiates through her yoga journeys, sacred living workshops, retreats, courses, and her sessions at the Sattva Yoga Academy teacher trainings, as she emanates both a playful spirit and deep reverence for the teachings.

Janaki is a passionate mother of 2 whose sincerest pleasure is sharing the beautiful offering of Kirtan that has proven deeply healing in her own journey. Kirtan is not about the sound of your voice… it is not a performance. It is a heartfelt cry to our Creator. It is a way to express and feel and share the vast love within our hearts. She obtained her 200-hr certification with Sattva Yoga 5 years ago in Rishikesh and also loves sharing this powerful practice that revolutionized her life. Her intention with each of her offerings is to inspire you to confidently embody yourself.  Love is our true nature! Through movement, music, breath & meditation we experience this fundamental truth.

These two met through the Sattva Yoga Community and it was a spark they won’t forget.  Both, have the compassionate heart and presence to heal others, and bring more light and truth into this world.  As a combination, they compliment one another and truly are a powerhouse connection to inspire and awaken that in you.

Accommodation & Transportation

Accommodation is included in the cost for the retreat, but transportation is not included.

Accommodations are all shared rooms and shared bathrooms in a beautiful house and eco-cabin in the forest of Mount Shasta.

  • Queen, Full, and Twin Bed Options
  • Rooms will be organized based on request of roommate or if you are coming as a couple, family, or friends.
  • All rooms are extremely comfortable, clean, and super mountain chic and cozy.


The closest airports are:

  • Medford, OR (1-1.5 hour drive)
  • Sacramento, CA (4 hour drive)
  • San Francisco, CA (4-5 hour drive)
  • Oakland, CA (4-5 hour drive)

The closest train stop is:

  • Dunsmuir (you can take an overnight train from Emeryville, CA from the Bay Area)

For driving directions, simply enter 3935 Stewart Springs Road, Weed, CA into your GPS or maps app and it will send you here without any problems!  Watch out when you’re on I-5, there are a lot of police cars hiding, especially around Redding as the speed limit varies from 65 to 70 mph.

Places to eat on the drive north from the Bay Area:

Once you get off the highway, you can also follow signs to “Stewart Mineral Springs”.  The house will be on your right-hand side about 1 mile before you hit the dead end of Stewart Springs Road, which is where Stewart Mineral Springs is located.

There are lots of deer and other wildlife that roam around, especially at night time, so please drive slowly on Stewart Springs Road. This is a rural road without many lights, so it gets very dark at night.


Once you cross the bridge, you will see the house to your left.  Drive up to the back of the house and feel free to park anywhere in the back just be sure not to block off the driveway up the hill.

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Venue Highlights

The retreat space is intentionally designed to nourish your mind, body, heart and soul.

The close proximity of Hestia retreat center to Stewart Mineral Springs Resort and Mount Shasta is ideal for healing.  Mount Shasta is regarded as one of the world’s most prominent sacred sites, comparable to the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu.  The mineral waters found in this special part of Northern California are considered to be some of the most potent healing waters in the world.  “Hestia” is the Greek Goddess of the sacred fire, of the hearth and home.  She represents the center of our inner and outer worlds.

As the flames glowing from the hearth soothe us with their warmth and glowing light, the goddess Hestia gives us security, peace, and comfort in our home and community space.  She helps us access our inner wisdom and accept the truth of our lives with grace.

The venue does have free WiFi on site so you can be connected in all ways if needed.

Menu & Cuisine

The meals will be organic, local, and vegan/vegetarian.

It will be a vegetarian menu of local and seasonally fresh cuisine masterfully created by a local caterer with love and devotion to your health and happy vibrations.

Menu Types: Vegan, Vegetarian, Ayurvedic, Organic, Gluten Free

Additional Info


Plan on fall weather – could be sunny and warm with 85 degrees F and cool nights at 45 degrees F .

What to bring:

  • Bug spray
  • Yoga Clothes
  • Comfortable fall attire for the outdoors
  • Shoes for Walking/Hiking
  • Attire for beauty photos if desired
  • Water bottle
  • Headlamp
  • Whatever helps you relax!
  • Sunglasses
  • Ear plugs
  • Flip flops
  • Yoga mat (house will have some as well)
  • Bathing suit for Stewart Springs mineral baths (no longer clothing optional)
  • Journal
  • Laughter, openness, joy, presence, and a smile

The Spirit is Always Dancing

September 2-6, 2019    |    Weed, California, US

Apply Now + Make an Exchange

Includes Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan, Freedom Movement, Wisdom Sessions, Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Catered Meals, Visits to Soak in Healing Mineral Waters, Hiking in Nature

Only $1,222.22

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“Corrin Vecchitto embodies mindfulness. Her depth and breath of Yoga knowledge is truly impressive. I had the good fortune to enjoy her gentle charisma as my primary yoga instructor at Sattva Yoga Academy teacher training. Through that month outside Rishikesh, India I was able to experience her beautiful energy and enthusiasm. Corrin’s guidance lead me onto a path of incredible transformation and I am forever grateful. She practices what she teaches, setting an example for all she comes in contact with.”
Tim Mulville (pictured right)
Owner of The Lotus meditation studio, Denver Colorado
A joyful, wisdom-filled soul whose presence extends way beyond the mat, the walls of a practice hall or the pages of a training manual. Corrin is always open to connect, support, inspire, be inspired and of course – share a good laugh! With her loving-healing touch, sincerity and playfulness, she plants pure joy in one’s heart. Ever so grateful for receiving her gifts at the March 2018 Sattva Teacher Training.
Hiba Skaini,
Co-Founder/Teacher at Flow Yoga, Bahrain
From Lebanon, Living in Bahrain