About One Root Seven Branches
& Founder, Corrin Vecchitto

We stand for authentic living, integrated living, freedom of being!

We give you the tools, techniques, and wisdom, for you to find the right balance and harmony in your own life to attain optimal vitality for yourself. This means to find balance in all aspects of your life and being. We invite you to not wait, but take action to live the life you want to live now, as well as, the life that wants to live through you. It begins with you, and then we are here to guide and support your journey of integration and vitality.

The Seven Branches

The seven branches came to be after a powerful healing session with a blessed three year old boy. The next day, I awoke with symptoms of a fever, after working with this child the entire previous day and removing the energy and blockages of what he was carrying around, causing him these intense symptoms. I was still working on how to cleanse the energy, ground it, and clear energy after healing sessions. My friend advised me to go to the forest alone. I knew something was moving through me. For some time I knew I was being called upon for something bigger, a greater plan, but I did not know what it was and how to combine all of my gifts, or what it would look like. I followed my intuition, went to the forest that had been calling me the day before and was guided to one specific tree deep in the rainforest of Big Island Hawaii. It was this huge base and immense root of a tree and out of it came seven different trees. I kept asking the tree, what is it? And that is when the whole vision downloaded through me. It came to life. How to integrate all of my gifts into one unique platform.

These seven branches are what have brought an integrated way of healing to me and many others that I have shared these practices and branches with. When you combine all seven, it is a complete approach to health and wellbeing and assesses all aspects of one’s life.

Crown Chakra


Daily aware practices that tune you to the five elements, the four directions, Mother Nature, and the divine. We are ritual based beings. Let us assess your daily life and replace unconscious rituals with conscious rituals. How are you going about your day? What do you do first thing when you wake up? Let us observe and correct behaviors that are no longer serving you.

Third Eye Chakra


Silent awareness to tune in with nature and your intuition. The implementation of practices that enable you to hear the call in the right direction without resistance is vital. Meditation will heal and create balance in the nervous system, as well as, creating new neuron and synapse connections within the brain. Meditation releases hormones that bring the body to its natural state of bliss and harmony as well as activating the vagus nerve, decreasing stress and anxiety.

Throat Chakra


Be aware of your thoughts, words, and actions. Are you creating your circumstances? Slow down and check in. Return to this moment, here and now. Receive practices and techniques for staying present.

Heart Chakra


Realize what resides within. This includes healing oneself and all situations surrounding self healing and relations. Having uplifting discussions and practices to remember and honor your own essential nature before the conditioning of cultural and societal impacts.

Solar Plexus Chakra


Personal practices are given based on life circumstance, current time-period in your life, current relations, specific intentions you are calling in, and specific diagnoses that require holistic healing. Practices include breathing techniques, mantras, kriyas (techniques that work to shift energy, create expansion and an experience of liberation from what is holding you back) that release bio-cellular memory, hatha yoga to distribute new prana (energy), grounding the energy in the body, and dance or freedom movement.

Sacral Chakra


Reconnect with our essential nature. This may mean getting outside, touching nature, hugging a tree or another human, jumping into natural waters, and healing through sensation. These bodies need to stay connected to nature and one another. Mother Earth vibrates a certain frequency and when we tune in with this, we return to our truth.

Root Chakra


Medicine is part of healing. Whether it is the food you are consuming, medicine in a pill form, Chinese Medicine, or Chemo… it is all medicine. All aspects are relevant. We will assess your current medicinal regimen and how to decrease side effects and come up with ways to compliment what you are already doing. Allopathic Medicine and Traditional Eastern modalities need to merge to have a holistic approach to healing. You can stay on your medicine, let us refine your lifestyle and work together to relieve symptoms, and the possibility of needing the medication may fall away. Maybe it is as simple as an alteration in eating habits! Let us be active in this healing process together.

About One Root Seven Branches Founder, Corrin Vecchitto

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher, Healer, Open Channel and Visionary Supporting One Root Seven Branches

I was the perfect candidate of this integrated healing modality and that is exactly how it has all come to be. This being was completely out of balance and unaware of self-care, energy, or the fact that I needed to give attention to my own body and signals from nature. I was a pediatric nurse by profession and caregiver since a young girl. I coined myself “invincible” and was the “one who took care of everyone else,” until life forced me to do otherwise. I resisted my own healing until I had no other choice but to heal.

Eventually, my own life journey lead me to this profound combination of living integrated in all moments so that you can experience ultimate vitality for what is requested of you in this life. In my mid-twenties, life got really shaky and through many intense personal experiences and health complications it all peaked and I realized I needed to start taking care of this body and being.

Yoga came into my life, and as much as I resisted being open to it, it completely transformed me. Yoga became my medicine. The hatha opened me up to the idea of slowing down and breathing and the breathwork, meditation, and kriyas healed a traumatic brain injury by rewiring my brain on a neuron synapse-connection level as well as healing emotional issues like anxiety and depression and releasing biocellular memory of past traumas and emotional experiences. The practices of freedom movement and partner work broke down my barriers of connection and isolation, shame, guilt, and self-sabotage, allowing for my true Self to shine.

Essentially, life brought me to a place of complete, raw, truth and surrender and my willingness to continue allowed yoga, meditation, medicine, and wisdom to transform my life and my being. I came to India in a beautifully vulnerable space to study with Vedic and Himalayan Master, Anand Mehrotra, and soon after, kept returning to this place and practice that had brought me to the ultimate state of vitality, awareness, and wellbeing.

I learned how to combine these 7 aspects of life in order to live to my fullest potential, all the time. I learned how energy works, how it affects you and all those you interact with including plants, spaces, and objects. I learned how each practice can be used at the bedside and with patients and families, and how it can be integrated with medicine and eventually lead to not needing or requiring the medication. The knowledge and wisdom from the East merged with my previous knowledge in the acute medical field and has lead me to this beautiful healing modality that can be used for all beings to live a more free and united; integrated life.

Corrin Vecchitto – Bio for Publication

Corrin Vecchitto is a Master trained Sattva Yoga Academy teacher, a humanitarian, worked as a pediatric nurse for 9 years in the acute care setting and is the visionary behind One Root Seven Branches, an integrated and active approach to health and healing; integrating yoga, lifestyle, and medicine. She lives a life of service, offering her heart to heal and awaken all beings. She studies and teaches the Vedantic and Tantric Himalayan Tradition of Sattva Yoga in India with Anand Mehrotra, world-renowned Master and founder of Sattva Yoga. Corrin has devoted herself to evolution and the teachings within the Sattva Yoga community and globally through retreats, workshops, hospital conferences, and other offerings.

About the Practice and Teachings of

Corrin has been practicing and teaching with Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India at the base of the Himalayas for the past few years. This is the practice that flows through her with effortless ease and grace. Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy is founded by world-renowned Vedic Himalayan Master, Guru, Yogi, and Revolutionary Thought Leader, Anand Mehrotra, who she studies with and teaches alongside in an evolutionary and dharmic life, spreading these teachings globally.

The Sattva Yoga Practice

  • is holistic, integrative, and deeply transformational for all aspects of the human life
  • this practice is always evolving in its nature making it ancient and modern
  • teachings are rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas, integrating the wisdom of the great gurus and realized beings
  • practices include: meditation, breathwork, Kundalini, Kriyas, deepening connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti, and Sufi practices, and using mantra as the healing power of sound, free movement and dance, and Hatha Yoga asanas to distribute and ground energy

This practice and teachings are a practical and a systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of consciousness. Sattva Yoga Academy teachings are meant for living a yogic centered life, a purposeful life. The teachings open you up to radical trust and unconditional love.

Just show up and trust and know in your heart that this experience will open you up to new levels of wisdom, clarity, love, freedom, and truth. Be ready to feel completely free and at ease with life!

Corrin is kind, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about her work. This passion has driven her around the world several times over to seek out training and knowledge in holistic healing. It is no exaggeration to say that she is a wealth of knowledge in her specialized field. I worked with Corrin as a pediatric nurse for six years, she is by far one of the most loving nurses I’ve ever had the honor of working with. She is thorough and knowledgeable and would consistently go out of her way to connect personally with the patients she cared for.
~ Lauren Barkley, RN, BSN
Co-worker and peer at Children’s Hospital Colorado