Transform YourSelf

A Sattva Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii

Two (Saturday-Monday) Weekends a Month for 5 Months
September 2024 – January 2025


Accredited by Sattva Yoga Academy in India and Yoga Alliance

Deepen, Thrive, Transform, and Guide through Sattva Yoga

The long awaited, yet always in divine timing, training has arrived!  This is an extremely unique opportunity to study to receive your 200 Hour Sattva Yoga Academy Yoga Teacher Training in Maui, Hawaii.  We have just launched the SYA Global Centers & Trainings, with Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui being one of the 5 original destinations to attend this Sattva Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour YTT training.  It is the first time ever that this 200 Hour YTT is being offered outside of its motherland location of Rishikesh, India.

Sattva Yoga Academy is world-renowned and the source of the authentic Himalayan Yoga practices, the premiere destination for Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Transformation in India.  Sattva means to be whole, unified, integrated, and in truth.  The authentic experience of living a yogic lifestyle awakens you to live fully and radically alive.  The teachings that flow from Sattva Yoga Academy are the best that the path of yoga has to offer.  With each yoga teacher training offering, you are invited into a deep journey of self-transformation and to be more connected to the truth of who you are.

“For us, Yoga is not what we do, it is who we are.”

Authentic, Dynamic, Connected, and Compassionate”

How is this training unique? Why study here?

Sattva Yoga is one of the most comprehensive approaches to yoga in the world today. With its roots in the timeless Vedantic and Tantric Traditions, Sattva Yoga was developed in the Himalayas after years of study and research through historical texts, experience with great masters, endless practices and teachings passed down by oral tradition.

Sattva Yoga incorporates all essential practices and teachings of yoga in a radically holistic and powerful way. The practice incorporates contemporary evolution in science and mind-body research.  Sattva Yoga is alive and ever evolving, meaning it is constantly growing, because its practitioners and teachers are evolving consistently.  The way of the teachings here is to experience the meaning of what is taught; to allow the meaning of these teachings to be dynamic and alive.

Sattva Yoga path offers a unique and potent practice that includes physical postures, Hatha Yoga (Static and Dynamic variations of all poses/asanas. Principle poses of Hatha with their variations, mastering of vinyasa Flows and principles of Cosmic Alignment), powerful breathwork techniques, Kundalini kriyas coming from the Tantric tradition, Naad Practices (understanding and use of sound as a tool for transformation and healing, including the use of mantras and music), Meditation technique and purpose, Tantric transformative practices, chanting, freedom movement and radical wisdom.

These practices are designed to awaken each practitioner to their true nature. They increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity. They help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility.

We are not creating cookie cutter yoga teachers here. We are here to guide you on your own transformational journey and give you the tools and techniques to assist others in their transformation.  These tools are a science of yoga.  They have been used since 1500BC to gain higher and more expansive states of consciousness.  This path is a journey to living enlightenment and freedom.  Enlightenment is not an end game, but the beginning of a life of freedom from the mind and dramas of the world.  We are here to guide you to tap into your inner genius by living a life in total balance with nature’s design and evolutionary ways.

Explore Dimensions at
Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui

Corrin Vecchitto, your lead teacher here on Maui, has lived and taught the 200 Hour YTT in India at Sattva Yoga Academy under the guidance of the founder and pioneer of Sattva Yoga, Anand Mehrotra, from 2016 to 2020. In the global pause time, nature organized to have Corrin in Maui, Hawaii, creating a satellite center of Sattva, Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui, where she currently shares regular Sattva Workshops, Courses, Retreats, and Vedic Astrology. Corrin has a unique background as a pediatric registered nurse and applies her allopathic medical knowledge of the body with the science of yoga to truly give and teach yoga as a medicine and tool for deep healing.

The SYA Global trainings are designed for those who may not be able to make it to India at this time. These trainings are conducted over a longer period so that the student can continue their day-to-day lifestyle and commitments, yet still dive deep into the transformational process of YTT. The YTT will be led by seasoned teachers and esteemed Masters of Sattva Yoga Academy, all under the guiding light of Anand Mehrotra. It is our intention to ensure this sacred and powerful content remains without dilution of its inherent wisdom and in integrity. This opportunity has been created so that you do not have to postpone your evolution. You can study now and come to India whenever it is possible for you!

Sita Ma’s is a Yoga School and Healing Center just beneath the mountainside near Haleakala, the dormant volcano whose name means “the house of the sun.” This location truly is a space of healing, enlightenment, and solitude in the north shore jungle climate. The lush abundant grounds, singing birds, and subtle vibration of peace is felt from the moment that you arrive. The lands of Hawaii are sacred, steeped in ritual, and Maui is known as the heart chakra of the world. This location is extremely conducive to be in an expanded state of meditation, yoga practice, and studying.

The Ancient Path of Yoga

This 200 Hour YTT is designed for

someone who wants to be a teacher & also for those who want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga or to simply improve their quality of life.

This training gives you confidence, wisdom, and authentic teachings so you may thrive in all aspects of life.  Sattva Yoga Academy 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified training studies core essentials of a Sattva Yoga life practice and prepares students to not only be yoga teachers but to live as Masters in all moments of life. Sattva Yoga teacher training is about so much more than learning to teach a class, it is a life training.

Course of Study: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Asanas, Foundational Yoga Poses: Static, dynamic and flow versions of asanas.
  • Principles of alignment and movement.
  • Powerful Pranayama (Breathwork): practice and teaching.
  • Wisdom on the mind and how it functions
  • Transcendence of the mind to access the pure field of infinite potential
  • Benefits, modifications, contraindications and mindfulness for all practices
  • Vinyasa Krama: The art and science of intelligent sequencing
  • Foundational Kundalini and Tantric Kriyas: Practice, effects, placement and delivery
  • Partner Work: Tantric principles of healing through shiva/shakti, yin/yang
  • Bandhas, mudras and karmas: Practice, use and teaching
  • Fluid Freedom Movement: Practice, use and teaching
  • Pranayama (Breathwork): Practice, use and teaching
  • Mantras and exploring Naad (sound current): Practice, use and teaching.
  • Sadhana: Developing and teaching personal Sadhana

Yogic Philosophy, History And Lifestyle

  • Origins and History of Yoga
  • Recognize the Unity of Paths
  • Understanding the Foundational Teachings of Yoga
  • Exploring the Supreme Wisdom of Yoga
  • Discovering the Vedanta of Life, Self and the Universe
  • Yoga as a Path to Awakening
  • Sattva Yoga Academy Teachings: The Integrated Approach
  • Know Living Enlightenment as a Lifestyle
  • Introduction to Sattva Meditation Technique
  • Become Aware of Self – Mind-Body Connection
  • Introductions to Chakras, Koshas, Gunas and Ishtas
  • Introduction to Karma and Dharma

Knowledge Meetings and Satsang

  • Knowledge Meetings cover many of the subjects of the course, including chakras, koshas, prana vayus, nadis and gunas, chanting, meditation, mantra, japa, nada yoga, music, sangha (community), diet, nutrition, Vedanta, and philosophy.
  • Satsangs are spiritual Q&A sessions. Clarify your understanding of the topics covered in Knowledge Meetings by asking questions that are answered as part of Satsang.

Asanas, Applied Anatomy, Physiology, And The Energy Body

  • Understand the foundations, origins, principles and purpose of Hatha
  • Types of Postures – Purpose and benefits
  • Sattva principles of alignment & movement
  • Core principles of safe and efficient practice
  • Benefits, modifications, contraindications and mindfulness for practices
  • Hatha asana breakdown of standing postures, seated postures, seated twists, backward bend postures, arm balance postures, inverted postures, restorative postures
  • Sattva Intelligent Sequencing
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and Sattva Moon Salutation
  • Sattva Yoga Anatomy
    • Systems of the Body
    • Physiology of Muscles and Bones
    • Eastern and Western Anatomy
  • Health considerations

Pranayama Practices

  • Learn the power of conscious breathwork in yoga
  • Explore the science and practice of healthy, effective breath.
  • Prepare for breath kriyas


  • Learn primary mantras that are used in sacred rituals, japa, and kriya practices
  • Prepare for mantra kriyas

Teaching Methodology

  • Learn to structure and teach classes/journeys in different environments to different people around the world
  • Take your seat as a teacher
  • Develop your presence and authentic teaching style
  • Develop your voice and the use of vocabulary
  • Create an optimal atmosphere for transformation
  • Learn to offer safe adjustments and assists
  • Explore the art and science of connecting with and uplifting your students
  • Discover the art of using music in classes


  • Practice teach to individuals and to small groups
  • Observe, give and receive feedback of classes
  • Structure journeys/classes for different levels and themes
  • Teach a full journey/class
  • Take Yoga out of the Yoga room
  • Learn how to support your students with private mentoring
  • Learn how to lead retreats
  • Learn about teaching breathwork
  • Practice teach to individuals and to small groups
  • Observe, give and receive feedback of classes
  • Structure journeys/classes for different levels and themes
  • Teach a full journey/class
  • Take Yoga out of the Yoga room
  • Learn how to support your students with private mentoring
  • Learn how to lead retreats
  • Learn about teaching breathwork

Integration Coursework

  • Students are required to finish homework after the completion of the contact hours.
  • Complete all the course Integration questions.
  • The homework is considered a vital part of the coursework and is required in order to apply for certification by Yoga Alliance or other certifying organizations.
  • Structure and teach seven classes and write about your experience.
  • Log your personal sadhana for at least 40 days.
  • Undertake a SEVA project (volunteer/serve) and share your experience.

What You Will Receive in a Sattva Yoga Academy Global 200-hour YTT Course

The Sattva Yoga Academy 200-hour yoga teacher training is considered by many as the most comprehensive yoga teacher training available anywhere in the world today.

It attracts students from around the world and produces authentic, confident, knowledgeable and empowered Yogis. We wanted to make these teachings more available and accessible to you, so Sattva Yoga Academy Global is here to deliver.

  • Exclusive Sattva Yoga Academy manuals distributed only at Sattva Yoga Academy trainings.
  • Live Online Q & A Sessions with Anand Mehrotra, Founder and Pioneer of Sattva Yoga Academy
  • Teachings delivered by teachers that have trained at Sattva Yoga Academy specifically to initiate and facilitate the Sattva Yoga Academy Global Trainings
  • Excursions and nature immersions in local environments.
  • Direct access to Sattva Yoga Academy Global community of like-spirited yogis around the world
  • Full guidance of senior experienced and dedicated faculty
  • A welcome bag of surprise goodies
  • Certification of completion when all requirements have been met. The certificate enables you to register with Yoga Alliance USA as a 200-hour RYT.
  • Continued support through mentorship meetings over the extended time of your training

Daily Sample Schedule for SYA Global 200 hour YTT Program

Sattva Yoga teacher training is designed to immerse students into the physical, mental, and spiritual states of yoga so they emerge as students and teachers of wisdom and practice. We invite you to ignite a strong spine, the fierce presence, and a soft heart, the compassionate being to awaken and share from wherever you stand in your community.


Students must have an open mind and an appetite for learning and growth. At least 6 months of practice is recommended though not required. Upon acceptance, to the course, the student is expected to be present for every class and complete all the coursework.

Course Dates & Exchange Price

2024 DATES

SEPTEMBER  – 14-16  • 28-30

OCTOBER – 12-14 • 26-28

NOVEMBER – 16-18

DECEMBER – 14-16 •  28-30

JANUARY – 11-13 • 25-27



Space is Limited to 8 People

To secure your place: A $2000 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Final payment to be paid by the start of the YTT Program. Please inquire if you would like to do a payment plan.


After finishing the 200-hour Sattva Yoga Academy Global Teacher Training, students receive a certificate from the Sattva Yoga Academy, documenting the hours spent on the course and certifying their eligibility for a yoga teacher license. The certificate is issued by Sattva Yoga Academy and is recognized by Yoga Alliance, a widely recognized and authentic organization in the yogic lifestyle for years.

Terms & Conditions:

Payment Details: To confirm your booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. A valid credit card is mandatory for a security bond on all reservations.

Smoking & Drug Policy: Smoking and all substances/plant medicines are strictly prohibited at Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui.

Noise Policy: Please be mindful of our neighbors and fellow students by minimizing noise, particularly after 9pm. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the forfeiture of the security bond and we reserve the right to request noisy individuals or groups to leave the premises immediately.

Dietary Restrictions: No meat, no fish, and no alcohol are allowed on the premises.