All retreats and sadhana immersions are designed to give the individual a rejuvenating experience of yogic living infused with deep relaxation and intention.

Below are the pre-organized retreats in different destinations globally.  Each one providing you with a unique experience to further in your yogic journey or begin the yogic journey.


Dasha Mahavidyas Sadhana Immersion

July 5-11, 2023

This is a unique experience for more seasoned practitioners of yoga and meditation to deepen in ones understanding of the teachings of the Goddess through these 10 expressions of Kali.  This is an immersion steeped in the teachings of Tantra and the 10 Great Transcendent Wisdoms or the Ten Great Knowledges, Dasha Mahavidyas. The Goddess assumes different forms at different times to maintain cosmic stability, give her blessings, and out of a sense of playfulness.  The invitation of this immersion is to gain a deeper understanding of the divine feminine and all of the ways to embody the specific Siddhis, yogic superpowers, when approached in a humble and devoted way.  The days will be full of Sattva Yoga Practices, Meditation, Mantra, Ritual, Wisdom Sessions, and Goddess Rounding Sessions, as well as, relaxation and integration time in the sacred lands of Maui, HI.

Join Corrin Vecchitto, Founder of One Root Seven Branches & Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui, whose work is to offer healing tools to humans through the ancient yogic technology and wisdom of being a RN in Pediatrics for 8 years. Corrin has lived by her teacher in India from 2015-2020, teaching and practicing intensively at Sattva Yoga Academy, and is now here on Maui sharing this sacred technology of yogic practices as a modality of healing and transformation.




This Retreat is designed to create a cosmic womb to realize the cosmic Self more and more.  We will be exploring what Kundalini is, why it is important to access the healing powers of Kundalini energy, and to awaken to this infinite flow of bliss that lies dormant within most humans.  Announcing details soon!




This retreat is going to be a powerful experience of culture, adventure, kriya, pranayama, meditation, and yoga.  It will be a time to awaken to the invincibility in you by transcending all fears and rising in love.  Announcing details soon!

We come from nature and unto nature we shall return.

To truly heal, we have to tune into all aspects of the human experience that will bring us to our fullest vitality for our personal Self. Each being will require a different combination to experience one’s own expression of vitality. Vitality meaning, to have enough energy to do what is being asked of you. The root of our existence is nature, and from this one root there are seven branches to this holistic healing modality.

Personal, Couple, or Group Retreats

Are you looking to reset and come back to Self? This is an opportunity to gift yourself with an immersion experience of yogic technologies from the great sacred lands of India to your destination of desire. We will arrange all the details and give you a conscious living experience that will change your life for a more ease filled, life in unity. This is an invitation to create a new way of living for yourself. We will design a practice just for you, that you can continue after the retreat, making a difference in the way that you are living or deepen in your own current practice.

“It is a lovely Sunday evening and it has been a week since I returned from the One Root Seven Branches’ Health, Wealth and Love retreat on stunning Maui.
I am so immensely grateful for Corrin and her divine guidance during that week and every moment since then.
Everything unfolded with such ease and harmony. Each day was infused with powerful teachings, heartwarming Sattva journeys, lots of laugh and wisdom and more laughs. It was such a perfect mix of practice, satsangs, outings and, and, and,  quite important: divine cuisine!
The meals catered by Food Goddess Angel Green were beyond anything I had imagined! Such creativity and love was poured into each meal!
The retreat was not only amazing nourishment for the soul, it was for the body as well!
Corrin made everything flow effortlessly for us. She handpicked the place, the Chef, the excursions for an outstanding experience.
She is Divine Grace and Love and her passion and dedication showed every second, every minute.
She gave us so much! There aren’t enough words to express the infinite gratitude I have for having her in my life and having met her in India.
I enjoyed every moment and the one-on-one on the last day was very informative and helped me stay on the path for post retreat.
I highly recommend this divine soul to anyone open to learn and evolve.
Corrin, a big thank you or as we say on my country: Mauruuru Roa!”
Sattva Yoga Teacher, Yogini, Tahiti

Corrin Vecchitto

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher, Healer, Open Channel and Visionary Supporting One Root Seven Branches

Corrin has the Western allopathic medical background from working at the hospital bedside as a nurse for 8 years and studying and working in the field of medicine for 12 years. This is why it is an integrated approach, combining aspects of Western Allopathic Medicine and Eastern Wisdom and Practices.

Corrin lives by these words, “Whatever I do, I do it fully. I immerse myself in knowing everything about that specific lifestyle and practice. I live what I teach!”