All offerings are here to bring the practitioner or client to a greater state of harmony and balance in life.

These offerings and courses are of a vast variety. Each one is designed specifically to fulfill a need and call based on real-life experiences. Please feel free to inquire more deeply about a specific offering.

One On One Sessions

Whether you are looking for insight about a specific challenge in your current life, looking to find greater balance in all aspects of your life, looking for help to align your energy, or desiring a complete toolbox of practices that will balance your mind-body-soul connection, our one-on-one offerings are designed to give you the wisdom and tools to move through life with ease and joy. This offering is personalized and available to up-level your life, no matter what profession or lifestyle you are living.  We are here to guide you back home to you in a simple yet powerful way. Do not hesitate, take the first step now to a more ease-filled, blissful you.

Public Speaking & Group Meditation Sessions

with Medical or Corporate Professionals

Corrin Vecchitto, a registered nurse, will present evidence-based scenarios of the profound effects of self-care, and the ancient teachings of meditation, yoga, and heart-centering before entering a patient’s room, the operating room, or a hospital shift. Techniques and practices will be given in a short demo and following with a take-home practice distributed for all participants.


Personal, Couple or Group Retreats

Are you looking to reset and come back to Self? This is an opportunity to gift yourself with an immersion experience of yogic technologies from the great sacred lands of India to your destination of desire. We will arrange all the details and give you a conscious living experience that will change your life for a more ease-filled, abundant life in unity.

We come from nature and unto nature we shall return.

To truly heal, we have to tune into all aspects of the human experience that will bring us to our fullest vitality for our personal Self. Each being will require a different combination to experience one’s own expression of vitality. Vitality meaning, to have enough energy to do what is being asked of you. The root of our existence is nature, and from this one root there are seven branches to this infinite holistic healing modality.

One On One Sessions

Jyotish Astrology

This offering is a Vedic Reading, based on the date, time, and location of your birth, your natal chart.
Jyotish Astrology is the science of light.  It is an ancient science that allows one to look through the doorway of your life and shed light on who you are, why you experience life in a certain way, and how to work with the energies of the planets and their location in your chart to meet the higher aspects and qualities available to you.  Planets are keepers of karma, the position of the planet in a chart shows the karmic blueprint of the soul and what inner work needs to be done in this lifetime to elevate the soul and create liberation in this lifetime.  Sattva Jyotish is not focused on the future or predicting your future, but more on the here and now to give you relevant information to live fully now.  This offering is a personal session that lasts 90 – 120 minutes.  You receive personalized guidance of a Jyotish gemstone recommendation, a personalized kriya and breath practice, a fasting regimen if charmed, a service recommendation, and a Japa Meditation mantra.


Spiritual Coaching and Personal Wellbeing Sessions

Clinically Healthy or Clinically Diagnosed – This includes an assessment (intake form or 15 minute phone consultation) if desired, a prescribed daily personal practice (meditation, breath practice, or energetic exercise) specific to meet your needs, and spiritual coaching, through the wisdom of the vedas and ancient yogic philosophy gained in India in combination with many years as a medical professional at the bedside.  In this way, we will refine the cause and make the most effective and efficient solution for you as an individual. This will include a brief look at the seven branches as they apply to your life.  This is for all professions and beings no matter what you do in life, from yoga teachers, to medical professionals, teachers, bankers, yogis, anyone and everyone interested in growing and becoming more free within this lifetime.

90 Minute Session (Follow Up emails or 15 minute phone call included) $324

Dharma Direction 1:1

Are you feeling lost after multiple spiritual immersions, trainings, workshops, and practices.  Are you sitting on a wealth of knowledge, yet unsure of how to get yourself out there in a world abundant in healers, coaches, and teachers?  This is the offering to help guide you to launch into your dharma with clarity and confidence.

How wonderful it is to soak up so much wisdom and spirituality in one lifetime!  This is an opportunity and invitation to give you guidance and direction to take your next steps in making yourself available to receive and give to others, because let’s be honest, you already have been giving.  This session will give you practical steps to take to rise into the next phase of your dharma.  We will create a timeline, offerings, and launching steps so that you will stay on track and inspired.  It is your time to share your gifts with the world!


Family Connection and Conscious Relating
Home Visits

Are you seeking guidance within the relating world has partners, a family, or extended household community? Finding harmony and balance as you become a unit, a parent, or as an existing parent and taking on a new role in your relationships may be challenging. This offering includes working with relating and parenting in a conscious way. Are your needs being met? Are your child’s needs being met? Are your partner’s needs being met?  We will come to your home, wherever you are, and assess the needs of all individuals and the family unit as a whole.

Rates are specific to the family, location, and needs.

This package includes an assessment (intake form or 15 minute phone consultation) upon contacting us. We will do our best to accommodate timing and traveling to you, for the visit.

To purchase a Spiritual Counseling and Personal Wellbeing Session with Corrin, click here.

7 Session Package

Each week, or month, a session is held either in person or via Skype/Audio Call addressing One of the Seven Branches in depth.

This includes receiving new Practices / Meditations / Techniques at each session.
(Includes all details above in an expanded format)

7 Session Package $1333

Intuitive Energetic Healing Sessions

An in person or distance experience of healing through intuitive energetic clearing and healing awareness.

Please contact us for inquiries and there will be an initial assessment (intake form or 15 minute phone consultation).

“Corrin stepped in and assisted my three year old son when he was experiencing intense fever and pain in his head. He could not speak and his pain was scary. She connected with him and cleared the energy that was affecting him. He instantly came back to and was able to talk. I am deeply grateful for her medicine and awareness.”
Clear Channel of Your Highest Self, Transformational Speaker, Author, Visionary

Public Speaking & Group Meditation Sessions

with Medical or Corporate Professionals


A Multi-Faceted Approach to Healing in Medical Facilities + Organizations

Corrin has worked in acute hospital settings for over 8 years and on a volunteer basis since she was 14 years old. She has always been charmed by life at the hospital bedside, especially children and their families, as well as, the acute care setting.

Over the years, her personal experience has lead her to discover new ways of approaching the bedside and how the science of energy and self-care directly affects the outcome and experience of patients and families in the hospital setting and other medical settings.

This presentation includes evidence-based scenarios of the effects of self-care, meditation, yoga, and heart-centering before entering a patient’s room, the operating room, or a hospital shift. Scientific statistics and examples will be given on the effects of integrated living on the well-being of oneself and therefore, all those they come into contact with.

Techniques and practices will be given in a short demo and following with a take-home practice distributed for all participants.

Specific facts presented include, but are not limited to:
Positive Effects of Presence and Self-Care on:

  • Patient-Family Satisfaction
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Decreased Medical Errors
  • Improved Outcomes in Code Blue or Crisis Events
  • Faster healing of the patient and more complete healing
“Corrin is a bright light, and an uplifting wise woman to be around. As a colleague I am amazed at her power to hold space in teaching and how her knowledge flows. As a yoga and meditation practitioner she has joined personal experience from her time in India, to support what she shares with her students. As a client there have been several accounts where I have had physical illnesses and called Corrin to ask for medical advice. Both times after I hung up the phone I felt a wave of light move through my body and then the pain dissolved. I asked her if she was sending me energy and she said yes. She is a truly powerful healer both in person but also from a distance. I would recommend her for anything healing related. I also feel that she is a unique bridge, for the professional world and the world of yoga and healing where she is able to speak the language of corporate but then integrate the teachings of yoga in a way that will serve any population of individuals.”
Annemarie Brown,
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Master Sattva Yoga Teacher and Transformational Leader/ Co-Founder of The Sattva Collection
From U.S., Living in India

Corrin Vecchitto

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher, Healer, Open Channel and Visionary Supporting One Root Seven Branches

Corrin has the Western allopathic medical background from working at the hospital bedside as a nurse for 8 years and studying and working in the field of medicine for 12 years. This is why it is an integrated approach, combining aspects of Western Allopathic Medicine and Eastern Wisdom and Practices.

Corrin lives by these words, “Whatever I do, I do it fully. I immerse myself in knowing everything about that specific lifestyle and practice. I live what I teach!”