Serve the Universe, Be Part of the Solution

Service is necessary in every moment of life.

At each second, I ask myself, how can I be of service in this moment?

I have had a deep connection to humanitarian work and serving others throughout my life and traveling around the planet to do so. Here are some of our projects that have been going on in collaboration with NGO’s and also independently.

By serving others, you serve yourself.

Below are more organized projects that I have participated in with NGO’s in either a nursing aspect or disaster relief.

With a new awareness on SEVA, or service, and a big heart, any future projects will be taken on with grace and an expanded perception. This means that I will not travel anywhere to “fix” anything or anyone, but I will just show up places and be guided to serve with a smile, play, sharing therapeutic practices such as breath practices, energetic exercises that help release trauma and find ease within the mind-body-spirit, and dance. I will share joy, spread light, and bring a greater awareness to what is going on globally and how we can help each other heal as one community. In some cases, basic medical education will be provided and monetary funds will be raised to assist in the needs of a community, but only when there is a deep knowing and awareness as to how it will be used and sustained. I invite you to join in this initiative of Serving the Universe by being present in all moments and giving to a space in all moments. You may share your experiences with us.
You may also inquire about current projects globally and see if there is a possibility to make an offering of service or monetarily.

United States

The focus here is on integrating life and death of the body in a loving and nourishing way, to acknowledge the pain, but also see the immense love. For some time now, I have heard the whisper to make offerings to mothers who have lost their child or children. Having experienced witnessing my two Aunts as a child, go through the transition of a child leaving the body, and then many times as a pediatric nurse, witnessing this transition, it has been a deep call to work in this way with mothers, parents, siblings, and children who are in the process of healing after this life change.

These sessions will be Open Gatherings and Workshops offered around the country about the spiritual process and healing involved with Death, Dying, and The Transition of a loved one from body to beyond the body. One can support monetarily to assist in the resources needed at these gatherings and travel needs, as well as, suggest or request a gathering in their specific location or area. The intention is to open the space for healing, uplifting the energy backing this transition, and allowing conscious support to those in need of community and love during these raw movements of life.


Previously participated with Project C.U.R.E. in 2012, on a medical trip to Mtinko, Tanzania. It was a small team of four of us that worked with a tiny hospital far out from any other communities. This opportunity was extremely impactful as we were able to educate the local hospital staff about new techniques, ways of examining patients, life-saving emergency practices, as well as, bringing in equipment that was suitable for this environment. We worked hands on performing cares on extremely ill babies and children. This experience gave a greater awareness of the meaning of being resourceful and letting go of the body that might not stay alive for so long.
The current project is bringing awareness to babies being born in lesser developed countries by supporting a program called helping babies breathe, where local hospitals and clinics are educated on techniques to minimize death of a child during, or immediately after childbirth.


The first trip was with a non-for-profit medical group, staying in an orphanage in Northern Ethiopia and setting up multiple clinics throughout. This trip revealed the lack of sustainability of certain volunteer visits. It gave a greater perspective and clarity of how to go about serving in a more impactful and sustainable way.

The second time I ventured to Ethiopia was with Crossing Communities, an NGO that at the time I had been co-creating, and in partnership with Innovative Humanitarian Solutions, a local Ethiopian NGO and beautiful organization that supports refugee children who have left their homes in Eritrea to find safety and a better life in Ethiopia. During this visit, we went to many refugee camps in the North of the country, providing resources for projects that we were supporting and brainstorming new ideas and ways to better serve those in the camps. This included, play, dance, listening, seeing, being present, and learning about the stories and lives of these children and how they came to be in Ethiopia alone at the camps. This was a trip of spreading joy, light, and love.

The current project is being developed to return to these camps in the end of 2018 or early 2019, and provide education on simple breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, decreasing anxiety and stress of the children, as well as, providing simple first aid supplies and education.


My first trip to Nepal was directly after the massive Earthquakes in 2015. I had planned to trek, but having been drawn to this type of service work already, the call came to show up and serve in whatever capacity was needed. The Universe guided me so kindly upon my arrival to meet a local amongst the chaos of the scene in Kathmandu. Without question, beyond fear, and in a complete state of surrender and love after my first yoga training in India, we went and bought medical supplies and headed to a small village near Gorkha, which had been the epicenter of the earthquake. The Damage was apparent. After spending 10 days in the village caring for some medical needs, supporting the village with smiles, hugs, presence, and an ear to listen.

It was clear that the village just needed a foreign presence to feel heard and seen after the trauma they had experienced. The villages more material needs were homes and supplies. After exiting the country, I was able to immediately raise and send funds to the trustworthy local who received and implemented the project of labor, supplies, and production of enough tin for 123 temporary homes, over $10,000.00; the project was called Love, Light, & Heal Nepal. A year later, I went back to the village and they walked me through, proud and in joy, showing me each new shelter that they resided in, all 123 temporary homes were standing. It is in the small things that build love; this is success, taking immediate action where you see a need.

The homes that we built in 2015 were made of tin and were only supposed to be temporary structures. The intention is to return to Nepal in 2019 and return to the local village and surrounding villages with supplies to build more permanent and sustainable structures, as well as, supplies for the children and local schools. Education on breath practices and balanced health will be provided while in the village.


This is a place where you come to serve yourself, serve your growth, expand, transcend, evolve. Here you come to learn more about the core of who you are and by doing so, you are healing and serving all those around you. This is a self-study, self-inquiry project. We have many opportunities for immersing yourself in the yogic teachings in the environment of the great Sages, Gurus and Masters at Sattva Yoga Academy.

This is a recommendation for you to evolve. As you grow, everyone around you, past, present, and future receives from your own evolution. This is an invitation for you to show up to yourself and by doing so, you are showing up to existence. Gift the universe your devotion to being a more aware and evolved being on this Earth.

Corrin Vecchitto

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Sattva Yoga & Meditation Master Teacher, Healer, Open Channel and Visionary Supporting One Root Seven Branches

Corrin has the Western allopathic medical background from working at the hospital bedside as a nurse for 8 years and studying and working in the field of medicine for 12 years. This is why it is an integrated approach, combining aspects of Western Allopathic Medicine and Eastern Wisdom and Practices.

Corrin lives by these words, “Whatever I do, I do it fully. I immerse myself in knowing everything about that specific lifestyle and practice. I live what I teach!”