Why should one seek healing if he or she is not sick?

I hear this question often.  

I even heard it within myself.  

I always had a hard time admitting to being “sick.”  I mean it sounds so dreary and negative. I never wanted to admit anything was ever wrong or abnormal because of all of the systems and stigma surrounding illness.  So It is much easier to just brush it under the rug and call it good. Most people of modern society are very well trained in the quick response of, “everything is good!”

So I am here today to bring light to this word “healing.”  Health is a state of fluctuation. The body is just one aspect or piece of experiencing vitality in life.  What I am speaking of here is a total experience of unity within oneself. This goes much deeper than the body level, yet the body is a large piece of it.

When I am speaking of healing, I am talking about the whole life, that all parts of one’s life are aligned and the being is experiencing wholeness on every level, including relations, abundance, body, sleep, emotionally, stableness, joy, freedom, the list goes on and on.   Health and vitality go hand in hand. Healing means to be living an integrated life with minimal stress and many techniques to help you handle whatever arises in your relative reality. In this way, one is able to handle with grace, whatever life wants to present the being with.

Healing means releasing past stories, traumas, identities, fears, emotional blockages, mental blockages, bodily imbalances, and arriving to a place in yourself where you can see clearly what is arising and respond in a way that maintains harmony within you and those surrounding you.  It is an inner experience of joy and wholeness. Then if something does arise, your whole world is not affected, you will be able to just see the isness of isness and take relevant action on the next steps. Healing is an experience of seeing life in its wholeness and maintaining a state of equanimity within yourself through all of life’s tests.